A huge financial burden is imposed on families of Autistic children

Montreal Autism Centre

Why Donate?

Our program has major cost advantages for society—not just in terms of the 3 million dollars Canadian saved if an autistic child is integrated into a typical classroom without special needs, but for the quality of life for the families of children with autism and for the child who becomes a contributing member of society

Early diagnosis and intensive intervention are the key to success in both our developmental-behavioural program and ABA programs. Ironically and unhappily, virtually no therapy services are available for children under three years of age. Moreover, of the programs available for older children, too few provide effective intervention with the goal of ameliorating the debilitating developmental effects of autism.


The cost of ABA therapists for a single child (at 40 to 60 thousand dollars per year) is between $80 and $120,000 for the required two years of treatment. Comparisons across programs are difficult to make, but a parent-implemented program under the direction of a single psychologist could treat at least 40 children per year (including the centre-based component for six of those children) for approximately $150,000 per year or $300,000 for two years.  Put another way, approximately 40 children could be treated over a two-year period in our program for less than the cost of three children receiving a home-based ABA program for two years ($180,000 per year or $360,000 for two years).

Help us fund:


  • For families who cannot afford these much needed services
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowships
  • Special Projects

Training and Research

We need your support to treat more children, train additional staff and students, further demonstrate and refine the effectiveness of our program, and publish more of our findings in peer reviewed journals—the ultimate determinant of acceptance and the most appropriate venue for dissemination. We can vastly improve the quality of life for children with autism and their parents. We urge you to assist us to help children with autism and thus, disseminate our important breakthroughs in both assessment and treatment.  

Approximately $275,000 are needed annually to support the required staff to maintain our assessment, treatment and training program. Additional funds can permit us to document our progress so that we can help to change the way the health and educational communities assess and treat children with autism.

Clearly, it makes sound economic sense to strongly support early assessment and treatment services and to document our clinical research on children with autism, and to make a major difference in the life of your child, cousin, neighbour, friend, or acquaintance.